Application Procedure

Organizations interested in applying should submit to us a Proposal Summary including a description of your organization's goals, leadership, partners, clients, funding sources, and financial requirements, in addition to a brief summary of your proposal and its budget.
Download Proposal Summary (.docx)
Download Proposal Summary (.pdf)

Organizations considered for a grant will be invited to submit a complete application.

There is no specific timeframe for submitting Proposal Summaries. Invitations for complete applications will be considered by the board of directors at their next grantmaking meeting.

Funding inquiries and Proposal Summaries may be submitted on-line. A copy of the proposal summary should also be mailed to:
PO Box 338
Denison, Texas 75021-0338

Complete application requirements are:
- Proposal Summary
- Project narrative (not to exceed 5 pages)
- a copy of the organization’s 501(c)(3) letter
- organization and project budgets
- project implementation schedule and plan to measure its
success both qualitatively and quantitatively
- a letter of support of the proposal signed by the board chairperson
- list of board members
- Evidence of partnerships and collaboration with
other organizations is also encouraged.

Suggested contents for complete applications include:
- the mission of your organization
- the impact of your work and how it matches the
Domanica Foundation funding priorities
- the need or problem addressed by your proposal and its goals
- the budget and expenses
- other potential sources of revenue
- your plan to measure success

Current grant recipients need only provide an updated Proposal Summary page; a three to five page description of the proposed program or project; and, if desired, promotional/informational materials for presentation to the board.

Grant recipients will be required to submit progress reports & accounting of grant funds at mid-point and at year end.

Deadline for 2023 grant requests is September 25, 2003. Please send proposal documents both electronically and by USPS.

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